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by IT-Geeks

A year ago


by IT-Geeks

A year ago

Furnishing your new home can be an immensely fulfilling experience — every day you have the opportunity to wake up in a space that’s uniquely yours. However, it can also be an overwhelming task as you can choose from a near-infinite selection of furniture, lighting, and decorative touches. Add to that a myriad of design eras and color choices, and it can be hard to narrow down your exact style. 

At Batch we frequently stage homes from scratch turning an empty canvas into a place that feels like home. We know what helps make a place feel pulled together in a short amount of time. Here are five essentials to cover your bases when you first move into a home. 

1. A Great Living Room Rug

A great living room rug can pull your entire space together. When looking for a rug you should opt for something that will bring you joy for a long time — avoid something trendy or too busy you may no longer like the next year. Your living room is an area of relaxation and a rug that is very noisy can detract from your feeling of zen. That does not however mean you need to get a plain rug; you have an array of textures and colors to choose from. Many people choose a rug first then purchase a complementary sofa and coffee table. We recommend going large-scale with most floor coverings. A common mistake people make is selecting a rug that doesn’t cover enough surface area in your living room. This can make the room feel small and disjointed. 

2. The Best Bedding

You spend a lot of time in your bed so why not make it the best possible experience it can be? If you love sleeping in a hotel bed, now’s the time to attain the same level of luxe within your own four walls. The first layer of a great bed is a nice mattress and there are plenty of options to choose from. We love a custom-made mattress from Helix, which is made to suit your sleep preferences. Do you and your significant other sleep differently? You’re in luck because they can customize each side to your individual pattern. If you haven’t invested in high-quality sheets yet, now’s definitely the time. Spend some time to think about the climate you licw in and whether you sleep hot or cold, then choose from cotton, microfiber, silk or other materials that suit your needs. A crisp white bed is always a chic option for bedding but other muted tones are also relaxing. 

Styling Your First Home

3. Go Eclectic 

Nothing shows that you have put thought into your home that a mixture of details and design elements. Texture is an easy starting point to showcase your taste and great visual cues throughout your home. Think a fluffy throw on your couch, a sleek lamp or colorful printed decorative plates. You can punctuate your home with these materials by placing them strategically in different areas, just make sure you’re not doing too much. You want to be eclectic not confused. 

4. Color Your Walls

Paint is a low-cost way to create big results in your apartment. Whether you just want an accent wall or to deck out an entire room in one color, paint can pull a space together in just a day’s work. Some things you want to consider before you paint your space – how much sunlight does the room get and what mood do you want to evoke? If you have no experience at painting you may also want to call a professional to do the job or otherwise prep your space to the fullest so there is not paint splatter to clean up.  

Not interested in committing to a color for years? Wallpaper can be a great temporary option and makes it easy to switch if you the wallpaper ever outgrows your taste. 

5. Plants

Plants in a home aren’t just beautiful to look at, they can also help purify the air in your residence (ideal for someone who is moving into a freshly paint unit). Even if you’ve never had a plant before with a little research you can find the ideal greenery for you. Just ask yourself in advance how much time you want to commit, how much sunlight your spot gets, and how much room you have for the plant to grow. Even if you’re a little nervous about becoming a plant parent, there are some resilient plants out there (think succulents) that need minimal attention.