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by IT-Geeks

A year ago


by IT-Geeks

A year ago

Houseplants bring beauty, life and good energy to every room. 

Similar to artwork and furniture, plants are decorative, and a way to bring some extra personality to your home. You can use plants as the focal point of the room, to fill up an empty corner, or displayed on book shelves to add some color and texture. 

At Batch, we wanted to transform our space and make it feel even more homey and comfortable by adding different types of greenery around the showroom. 

Batch_033118_11 (1).jpg

We knew we needed specific types of houseplants that would work well in our large open space that has a mixture of natural and artificial lighting. So with help from our friends from Léon & George, a San Francisco based interior plant service, we were able to find the perfect plants that bring a little taste of the outdoors in Batch.

With a mission to bring plants and people together, Léon & George makes it easy for anyone to find and incorporate more greenery into their lives. From helping you choose the right plant for your home, to preparing the plant in a beautiful pot, and even hand delivering the plant right to your front door.

Even though Léon & George makes it super simple to select, buy and take care of your new plant baby, it’s still up to you to keep it alive and happy.

The placement of your houseplant in your home can determine how well it will do. All your plants need sunshine, but each plant will differ in the amount it needs per day. If you want to get the best from your plants, you’ll need to strategically place them around your home so they get enough light and nutrients they need to survive.

Our guide below provides you with some background on the most popular Leon & George houseplants we carry at Batch, and recommendations on where to place them in your home to ensure a long, happy green life.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

This eye catching shrub is all the rage these days. The popularity of Fiddle Leaf Figs come from its ability to make any room look elegant – as if it belongs in an interior design catalogue. Because of this, it’s a very popular houseplant, and everyone wants one in their home. Fiddle Leaf Figs are natives to the tropics, so they thrive in warm, wet conditions, which can be hard to mimic indoors. To help your Fiddle Leaf Fig thrive, place it under a skylight or next to a window that receives a lot of sun and light during the day.

Zanzibar Gem

The Zanzibar Gem is a tropical plant and is a great choice for low light environments. It has long, green wandlike stems with lush leaves that look like feathers. These plants look good in any room, and are a top choice for homes with low light.


Snake Plant

Snake Plants are easy houseplants to take care of. This plant prefers indirect light, but it can thrive in almost any light condition. We love how chic Snake Plants look in large raised white pot in your living room next to a bar cart.

Dragon Tree

This easy to maintain houseplant is perfect for anyone – even those with a black thumb! The Dragon Tree can grow in both sunny and shady conditions, and is even strong enough to make a quick comeback after being neglected for several weeks (although we don’t recommend ignoring your plants!). Because Dragon Trees tend to grow really tall – up to 6ft indoors – we love using them to fill up a corner in the living room, in a reading nook, or in an entryway.


Kentia Palm

Kentia Palms are gorgeous and durable houseplants that thrive in low to medium light. With its long, feathery dark leaves, the Kentia Palm can grow up to 12 feet tall. This palm can grow anywhere in your home, as long as it’s not placed in direct sunlight. A Kentia Palm is perfect for the corner of your bedroom to add some life and calmness to the room.

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is a classic indoor houseplant. With its tall, palm-like leaves, the Parlor Palm is a gorgeous addition to every home. Because the plant adapts well to low light and humidity levels, we love adding it to an empty corner of a master bathroom, to give off a spa-like vibe.


Desert Cactus

When looking to buy a Desert Cacti, making sure your home can provide it with the right amount of light should be your first consideration. Desert Cacti like to have a few hours of direct sunlight each day. Because Desert Cacti grow tall, put them next to the window in your dining room or on your balcony amongst other different types of cacti.  

Pink Rubber Tree

Rubber Trees are the ideal indoor plant because they are flexible in size, grow fairly quickly, and easy to maintain. These plants come in a variety of colors – you can get Rubber Tree with dark green leaves, or get a Pink Rubber Tree to add color to your home. Pink Rubber Trees have a lot of personality with their beautiful, eye catching leaves. These plants thrive with lots of bright, indirect sunlight, and are the perfect addition next to the couch in your living room, or place it on top of your dining room table for some extra flair.

Little Hope

These beautiful houseplant is filled with character with its unique leaves and compact shape. Little Hope prefers indirect light and shady areas to maintain its deep green color. Put a potted Little Hope on your bookshelf or side table to add additional texture and color with your current decor.