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by IT-Geeks

10 months ago


by IT-Geeks

10 months ago

Staging a residence can help developers and home owners close a sale quicker but not all staging is created equal. There’s a big difference between placing furniture in a condo versus turning it into a residence through thoughtful detail. That’s what we do at Batch —create livable spaces that feel like home. We place maximize space through well-selected furniture, adorn the walls with art and play with a variety of textures to create double-take worthy bedrooms. 

Interested in learning more about staging? Our CEO Lindsay Mayer answers some of the most important questions about how you to stage a home in a way that sells.    

In your experience what are some of the things people love to see when they enter a condo? 

Lindsay Mayer: I think there's a delight factor when a home doesn't feel "staged" but actually feels like somewhere you'd want to live. It has to be the right amount of aspirational and out of reach, but also resonate in a way that says "this feels like me." For most people, that means a thoughtful eclecticism that communicates intelligence, empathy, and style.  

What are some ways to enhance small spaces? 

We advise over and over that using full-sized furniture is always the answer, even in a small space. When you scale down key pieces to fit a smaller space, the conversation usually changes. All of a sudden, the listing agent is shamefully admitting that the sofa is only 70 inches wide, or the bed is a double (versus a queen). Buyers start struggling to see how they will live in a space that is diminutive. It's more advisable, to say, skip the media console for a dresser that can do double duty. Or a dining table that will work as a desk most of the time. Or a desk chair that matches the dining chairs so coordinated seating is a simple swap.  

What are your thoughts on creating unusual spaces (i.e. a cloffice or reading nook) to inspire shopping or even closing a sale? 

At heart, we love to blur boundaries. If there's a way to invent a space in a clever or fun way, we are the first to embrace it. We take chances. A bar cart is just as easily a mobile storage solution in any room as it is a place for your vintage tumblers and whiskey collection. An odd corner might just be a meditation nook in the making. 

What are some design trends you've seen that you think are particularly appealing to buyers in 2020? 

It was delightful to see blue announced as the Pantone color of the year. There's a timelessness in blue, and we love how pulled together this classic color looks with white and neutral tones. Count us in to jump on this bandwagon!