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by IT-Geeks

A year ago


by IT-Geeks

A year ago


Tell us about your background. How did you get inspired to start Happy Moose Juice?

I was living in a big Presidio mansion with 9 other entrepreneurs, young professionals, and artists – so my home was an inspirational living environment where everyone was wholeheartedly pursuing their passions.

One of my roommates Phoebe had a background in nutrition science and dietetics and we both learned about juicing around the same time. We both loved the alchemic aspect to it and would experiment with all kinds of weird, delicious, and healthy concoctions that we’d share with our friends and roommates who were in an out of the house every day. Eventually, I had talked about juicing enough to my family and friends that my cousin decided he would give us a tiny chunk of money to start the company. We had another roommate who was an incredible digital and graphic designer offered to design our brand for us, so it became this big collaborative project of our close personal networks.

Everyone breathed their own magic into in those formative days, and it wasn’t long before the company came to life.

What is your vision for the future of Happy Moose Juice?

Everyone, everywhere will know Happy Moose Juice. We’re so committed to quality, creativity, transparency, and building local community, which I believe are fundamental characteristics of the brand and culture and ones we are unwilling to compromise. While it’s been 100% organic and bootstrapped growth, I believe it has allowed us to see the value in making everyday decisions very intentionally. We just want to make products that taste good, look good, and most importantly – make people feel great.

Happy Moose Juice is an advocate for cleansing and offers a variety of detox programs. What advice would you give people curious to try out a cleanse for the first time?

Take it slow and make sure that a juice fast/cleanse is right for you. We don’t believe in starving yourself beyond comfort and firmly believe that food a crucial component to holistic, optimal health. It’s a great way to reset and rinse your digestive system so it definitely serves a purpose, but should be used in moderation. And always drink lots of water!


What are the benefits of incorporating juice into your regimen?

We believe that juice is one of the best ways to maintain optimal preventative health. Having 1-2 fresh juices a day (unpasteurized) is a quick and convenient way to consume a healthy amount of fruits/veggies/herbs. They are extremely in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, while easily absorbed and processed by your body since it’s in liquid form.

What are you most passionate about in the wellness world?

Real, natural and delicious food/drink as a way to enjoy life, connect with people, and reduce stress.

What’s the definition of wellness to you?

Being in alignment with your mind and body, where you feel like you can be your best self and have the energy and confidence to do the things that make your experience happiness most often.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

For me, it’s a holistic approach. I think foremost is being active and getting outside. I love the outdoors, exploring, challenging the body, and seeing new places. This keeps my body and mind stimulated and helps me stay happy and close to nature.


Tell us about your home. What do you look for when decorating a space?

We have a modest 2 bedroom apartment. Lots of succulents, plants, natural light, and awesome paintings that we’ve acquired over the many years of living in San Francisco/Oakland. Maps on the wall, comfy rugs on old hardwood floors and string lights create magical evening ambiences. We’ve opted for no TV and filled the space with an old record player, so we have more conversations, easy listening, and less (new) technology. The couch is comfy and the appliances are not updated, so we’ve been able to preserve a pretty classic, vintage vibe that makes us feel like we’re living in a different era.